7 Critical Things to do Immediately With a New Laptop/PC

New Personal Computer is special in many ways for every user. There are number purposes that it will assist you with, from your office tasks to entertainment to communication. You interest, job, and schedule will decide what will be the most dedicated purpose you use your new PC for. However, here are 7 critical things to do immediately with a new PC, before getting on with your business.

Here is a quick checklist of 7 critical things to do immediately with a new Laptop/PC:


Antivirus software is to keep your Laptop/PC malware-free. No matters if you buy it from computer seller or online, but make sure that you always install a genuine, reliable and updated antivirus for the best security of your new PC.

Though most of the latest operating system now offer inbuilt antivirus protection, (such as: Windows Defender with Windows 10), they are not as polished and feature-rich as dedicated antivirus products. After the installation of the antivirus software, do not forget to optimize the settings as per your requirement for best PC security.

Web Browser

Now when new PC is secure and safe with antivirus plan, user would love surf freely over the world of the web using a web browser. But different users have different choices on web browsers for their different features. So, the web default browser with the operating system may not be your default choice. There are plenty of them available in the market, like: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. Whatever fits your choice, go for it.

Office Suite

There is a myth in the market that office suite software are only for presentation-tackling suit-wearers. There is a very rare possibility that you can always get on with a PC without needing any tool from office suite.

Presentations, documentation, spreadsheets, and a lot more things that make up productivity software suite that you might not have to create on your own, but you might need to run some already existing file. For example, there are several software, games, etc. that provide their product keys, manuals, installation read me file, etc. as document files. To run those files, you would need one. So, you better get one for new PC before proceeding with other software.


You may not need it instantly with the new PC. But when your favorite web browser, office suite and many other software come into action, your PC will start getting junks in the storage disk. And then there are endless reasons for a cleaner to be a must-add thing for the new PC. Well reputed cleaner, like CCleaner, can keep your PC free from unused files and settings which usually take up loads of drive space and degrade PC’s performance and speed with the time. Using them, you can clean up these unnecessary files, which will eventually boost up your PC’s speed in just no time. Moreover, a quality cleaner offers you a secure browsing environment, decreases chances of sudden crashes, and just much more.

Media Player

Not just to listen songs or watch movies on your new PC, but there are several other situations when the need for media player is inevitable. The default media player in the Windows has its own advantages, but some special utility of other dedicated media players can never be ignored. Plus, if you want to stream an video online, you might still have to reach out for a media player plugin for web browser.

Windows, Software and Driver Update

With new PC, it is quite obvious for users to think that they are getting everything updated to the latest. Unluckily, that may not be true for all the cases. Also, Microsoft is too quick to release regular and multiple updates to Windows to keep up the security, stability and usability level up to the best. For Windows Update, you can dig into Control Panel to enable the auto-updates or to install the updates manually.

Though, software and driver updates are a little different from Windows Update, the overall aim is more or less the same- to make PC operate better. Most of the software offers intimation on availability of the new version and you can follow some mentioned links to get them. However, subscribing to a legitimate technical support services is one of the most reliable options. Most of the legitimate tech support subscriptions provide a regular and timely update for Windows, drivers, and other software.

Data Backup

We don’t know what we’ve got until we lose it. It goes right with PC data as well. Data backup is a pretty simple and easy thing to do, but most of the users ignore it. However, when a sudden system crash, electricity failure, accidentally file deletion, etc. takes away the precious data, user would get to know that data recovery is not only expensive but also close to impossible in some cases. So, do not wait for the mishap and instead get a data backup software installed or connect with a data backup technical support subscription for your new PC.

Final Words:

Password Manager, Parental Control Software (Normally with Good Antivirus it comes), Clipboard Tools, etc. might not sound very important for many as for the other. But experts emphasize on their use for being more productive, safe and secure with your new PC.

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