Mamba Ransomware Returns Which Encrypts Hard drives

Last year in September, a ransomware called Mamba was discovered by a Morphus Labs security researcher. While typical crypto-malware encrypts a pre-determined set of files, Mamba goes for the bigger slice of the pie and locks up the whole hard drive. It will also manipulate the system’s boot process, ultimately making it impossible to use the computer. …

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New Ransomware Hit Global Companies


Companies in the UK, USA, India and across Europe are reported to have been infected with the widely-reported ransomware. While security companies researched and they claim that this is not the Petya variant, as reported earlier by companies, but instead is a brand new variant, companies including US pharmaceutical Merck, law firm DLA Piper and …

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Virus Alert! Dangerous Malware Fireball infects 250 Million PC’s WorldWide

After WannaCry ransomware, researchers have actually found an additional brand-new malware, which has actually impacted over 250 million personal computers. Fireball is a Chinese malware, well practically an adware, which has affected virtually 250 million Computers. Likewise India is amongst the worst affected in the listing of nations, According to several security companies, who found …

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