Bad Rabbit Ransomware Spreading Across Europe

Bad Rabbit Ransomware tor webpage Image

A new widespread ransomware attack is spreading like wildfire around Europe and has already affected over 200 major organisations, primarily in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Germany, in the past few hours. Dubbed “Bad Rabbit,” is reportedly a new Petya-like targeted ransomware attack against corporate networks, demanding 0.05 bitcoin (~ $285) as ransom from victims to …

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Ransomware Developers Are Paid Well And Cheap To Buy

Ransomware Developers Cheap Image

This reality hardly ever appears on Regulation & Order, however, for some criminal activity pays as well as very well for Ransomware developers. A record by Carbon Black that researched 21 of the most prominent dark internet markets in August, as well as September 2017, discovered that several of those that establish as well as …

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Weekly Security Summary Around The World

The story of this week is about the Krack vulnerability which was discovered by security researchers and potentially impacting almost every Wi-Fi enabled device. Here are some of the other cyber security stories of the week that you’ll find in this weekly roundup: 1. Adobe Patches Flash Zero Day Exploited by Black Oasis APT Adobe released a Flash …

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New Ransomware-RedBoot Encrypt And Re-partition Hard Drive-Permanently

Featured Image RedBoot

A new ransomware called RedBoot is one of the most dangerous yet. It does not only encrypt files, it also alters the partition table and the master boot record to cause what seems to be permanent damage. Early research into RedBoot hasn’t turned up a command and control server, nor are people behind this asking …

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Ransomware Numbers Continue to Look Very Bad

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Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing concerns among IT professionals, according to recent surveys. Even after several years of escalation, ransomware continues its growth by just about every metric. This week, three new studies show how ransomware continues to grow around the globe, proving to be one of the fastest-growing problems that cybersecurity practitioners face …

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Attacks Increased By Locky Ransomware, Spoofs Dropbox

Locky ransomware has been on a wild spree in the past weeks, trying new ways of achieving even higher infections rates. This Ransomware focused on changing tactics and experimenting with new extensions or new baits to get users to click. In their latest, the cyber attackers behind the notorious ransomware strain currently on the market have decided to resort …

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Decryption Tools For Ransomware

Find below the decryption tools for different Ransomware. We will be updating the list of tools as and when it happens: OpenToYou decryption toolsGlobe3 decryption tool Dharma DecryptorCryptON decryption toolAlcatraz Decryptor tool // direct tool downloadHiddenTear decryptor (Avast)NoobCrypt decryptor (Avast)CryptoMix/CryptoShield decryptor tool for offline key (Avast)Damage ransomware decryption tool.777 ransomware decrypting tool7even-HONE$T decrypting tool.8lock8 ransomware decrypting tool + explanations7ev3n decrypting …

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