Keep Your Computer Safe With Help Of Just Two Programs

What software do you need to protect your computer? We’ve identified two programs that keep your computer safe from anything untoward.

The first is Defenx Security Suite. It includes antivirus and anti-spyware protection, a firewall, and an intelligent anti-spam feature that learns how to identify which emails you don’t want to receive in your inbox, automatically marking them as spam. Thanks to the anti-spyware feature, all the information that you manage on your computer every day are safe, and no one other than you can access it.

A Security Suite software is a real must-have nowadays. You need to keep an eye on all the incoming and outgoing traffic on your home or corporate network. And you cannot do it alone – you need someone constantly monitor it in your place. Let’s take email as an example since it’s the easiest way to get a virus. Your inbox is full of viruses, but if you have a suitable program installed on your computer, you don’t even realize because the program takes care of it. Permanently deleting any infected emails, so you’re not even tempted to open that message with the enticing subject line: unbelievable discount coupons, emails from non-existent banks asking you to enter your banking password, or the infamous message from a wealthy African gentleman who wants to send you a 9-figure sum.

Our Security Suite is also available as a smartphone app for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. This is the mobile software that we recommend installing on your smartphone. That way, you can safely use all your normal instant messaging services without having to worry about clicking on a link that you’ve received. You can take back full control of your phone.

The second program is Memopal Cloud Backup. This program really is priceless if you often work with local files such as Office documents, photos, and videos. Memopal makes a copy of the files you have on your computer and stores them safely in the cloud. When you’re out and about and you need a file, you can connect to the Memopal web app and sign in with your username and password to access all the files you’ve saved on Memopal. Thanks to the smartphone app for iOS and Android, you have the files from all your devices in your pocket at all times, plus an album with all your photos. Is your phone’s memory full? Upload all your photos from your phone to Memopal and free up space to capture the highlights of your day. Get 5GB of free cloud backup space by Clicking Here.

With Security Suite for desktop and mobile plus Cloud Backup, you can use your computer safely at all times and keep your files with you wherever you go.

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2 thoughts on “Keep Your Computer Safe With Help Of Just Two Programs”

  1. Great article on safe computing… I have been using Defenx Security Suite from past 2 years… I am happy with the product… Light weight and full of features as required for security… Keep up the great work…


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