NetCCTV Always Watching!


NetCCTV records every action your employee doing in his/her computer. Opened windows, visited websites, continuous screenshots, keystrokes represent simply a sampling of the NetCCTV activity recording capabilities. Everything is automatically recorded whenever the employee computer is turned on and available to your inspection, filtering, viewing and search!

  • Clipboard text changes
  • Keystrokes typed
  • Continuous screen capture
  • Active Windows List
  • Opened Websites
  • Removable Drive Usage
  • USB Storage Drive Usage
  • User Daily Active Time
  • Recent Document List
  • Application Usage
  • Window Switches
  • Blocked Websites

Watch Realtime!

NetCCTV not only record user actions. You can watch and interact to remote machine of the employee directly. Once you open a remote machine you can see his/her computer screen as if the monitor is in front of you. You can see the keystrokes typed immediately and moreover you can control the keyboard and mouse! This way you can remotely help the employee on anything like in screen sharing applications. Also you can control a remote machine without any employee in front of computer. This way you can manage your own Home / Work computer while you are away.

  • Watch the screen realtime
  • See what employee is working on right now
  • See what employee is typing realtime
  • View daily active time of user - active utilization time of the computer
  • Takeover mouse and keyboard as if it is your computer
  • Removable Drive Usage

Realtime Overall View!


Once you open NetCCTV Viewer application all network computers you connected sends screenshots. You can see everyone's screen in realtime so that any unwanted behavior can be easily prevented. You can immediately click to any remote machine and send a message, control mouse and keyboard, shutdown computer, open a chat window so you can communicate with employee using instant messaging.

  • CCTV monitor view
  • Automatic start of CCTV
  • Define critical actions
  • See critical actions of employee realtime
  • Screen resolution and ratio auto align
  • Continuous network (LAN) discovery
  • Auto connect whenever remote machine is on
  • Send a Message Box to employee
  • Chat with the employee
  • Continuous screen capture
  • Open a URL
  • Launch an Application
  • Shutdown or Sleep remote machine

Filter Useless Things

NetCCTV continuously checks whether any filtered - prevented actions is started. It immediately blocks selected Applications, selected websites or USB storage for your security, network bandwidth and local computer stability. Also employee productivity can be increased by preventing useless website visits and time-consuming applications. Company data security is incresed and 3rd party files are prevented using USB storage blocking.

  • Block unwanted websites
  • Block execution of unwanted applications
  • Block USB storage like flash disks, external harddisk and so

Centeralized Monitoring!


NetCCTV is made to function on networks of all designs and sizes - from small single-subnet networks to huge 10,000 computer networks comprising multiple subnets and divisions. NetCCTV is driven by an instinctive graphic interface that enables you to centrally install the NetCCTV applications to workstations, record actions in your system, screen in real-time, and create reports all in one place with only several clicks.

  • Easy point-and-click computer management and viewing.
  • Perform Stealth Remote Installations
  • View logs and reports from one location
  • View a tiled visual overview of every PC on your network with 1 click.
  • Automatically syncronize settings - zero configuration
  • Continuous network (LAN) discovery
  • Auto connect whenever remote machine is on

NetCCTV is the Best Solution for Network Remote Control & Spy

With NetCCTV, we have your entire network covered. Whether you have just 5 PC to monitor, or higher, NetCCTV was developed with your network in mind. Have a question?

Interested in testing NetCCTV on your network? Please be our guest! Our demo is fully featured but time restricted.

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