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Defenx Security Suite offers 360 degrees protection. Ensuring the safety of your data and preventing hacker exploits. We keep your device protected and let you use it with full peace of mind.

Private information stays private

Defenx Anti-Spyware technology protects your system and data against hacker threats. That means your photos, documents, and emails will not be stolen or exposed.

Keeps your browsing safe

Thanks to its versatility, the Defenx Security Suite Web Control module ensures that you have a safe web surfing experience while helping you avoid the darker and dangerous parts of Internet. The module will keep you from infected websites therefore limiting your exposure to potentially harmful applications. Preventing the leaking of personal information and keeping your identity safe.

Checks your USB devices

Some seemingly harmless memory sticks with family photos or documents can turn out to be a real zoo for viruses. Defenx makes sure your USB devices stay clean.

Self-learning engine

Thanks to the context-sensitive help function, the software learns to manage alarms of the firewall, and sets security rules. Furthermore it will also learn specific behaviours that will be encoded into rules that will be henceforth used by the software.

Customize your settings

Defenx products are easy to configure, and can fulfill the requirements of all its users whether newcomers or experts.

Protects itself

External attacks cannot disable or block our product’s automatic protection. Defenx products do not allow external tampering of the software by any unauthorized user.

Mail Filtering

Defenx Security Suite module will protect you from malicious email attachments. Once activated Defenx will check each attachment against your exclusions, keeping you from inadvertently damaging your system.

Parental Control

Defenx Security Suite allows parents to ban inappropriate content, limited access on internet, games and applications, and control activities of children. This way children can surf in total security on the web and play staying away of dangers.

Zero-Day Threat Blocking

Zero-Day represent all vulnerabilities not yet identified. Defenx Zero-Day Threat Blocking steadily update threat database adding everything knows until now, so that it can protect the device from attacks detect until this moment.

Virtual Keyboard

There are Spyware which capture data by identification of keyboard typing. Defenx makes available the Virtual Keyboard, that can prevent attacks from those kind of Spyware.

360° Protection

Defenx Security Suite controls outgoing and incoming events through the Firewall, blocking unauthorized traffic. This bi-directional control makes it impossible any form of unauthorized activity and together with the Anti-malware function provides 360 degree protection.

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