Defenx Security Suite


Defenx Security Suite has the capability to anticipate any kind malware. Providing defense from hacker attacks, while keeping your data, online purchase and banking records safe. Whether you're a novice or a IT expert you can set up our software to meet your needs. Thanks to the automated and context-sensitive help feature the software learns how to handle firewall alerts and adjusts itself accordingly. Defenx keeps your device protected and lets you use it in full peace of mind.

Defenx Mobile Security


Defenx Mobile Security Suite is vital for your mobile device. Because mobile devices are increasingly capable of taking on a wider range of tasks while storing large quantities of personal information. Making the protection of your smartphone and its content essential.

Defenx Privacy Advisor

Defenx Privacy Advisor is an application that scans each application installed in order to determine the risk to advise each of them. The risk is managed in 3 categories : high, medium and low. When an app with high or medium risk is found a notification inform the user that an action should be taken.


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