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The most important story of this week was probably the one about a security breach suffered by NiceHash, one of the most popular crypto-mining marketplaces. The the stolen money was tracked to a single Bitcoin wallet and the amount was estimated at $70 million.

Curious to read what happened this week in the industry? Here are most important stories of the past days in our weekly security round-up. Grab your tea or coffee and read below the summary of an intense week in cyber security.

Let’s see all the stories of the week.

1. Kaspersky Security Bulletin: Threat Predictions for 2018

December is here, which means that this year is almost over and there’s also time for some security predictions for 2018. According to Kaspersky Security Bulletin, we should expect to see more supply chain attacks next year,high-end mobile malware, more router and modern hacks, and many other cyber attacks.

2. Keylogger Found on Nearly 5,500 Infected WordPress Sites

If you are using WordPress, it is recommended to check for recent updates. Nearly 5,500 WordPress sites were infected with a malicious script that logs keystrokes and sometimes loads an in-browser cryptocurrency miner.

3. Bitcoin Hits $15.000

Bitcoin’s value seems that’s not going to stop from going high anytime soon. Its value just hit the $15,000 for the first time.

4.  Uber Paid 20-Year-Old Florida Hacker $100,000 to Keep Data Breach Secret

Last week, Uber made an announcement about a massive data breach in October 2016 that affected personal data of 57 million customers and drivers. New information emerged saying that the company was paid a huge amount to a 20-year-old Florida man to destroy the data and keep the data breach secret.

5. NiceHash Suffers Security Breach, Around $70 Million in Bitcoin Stolen

NiceHash, one of the most popular crypto-mining marketplaces, has apparently suffered a security breach that resulted in around $70 million in Bitcoin stolen.

6. Virtual Keyboard App Exposes Personal Data of 31 Million Users

31 million users of a third-party smartphone keyboard app called ai.type saw their personal data exposed due to an unprotected online database. Only Android users were affected by this security breach.

7. Android Ransomware Kits on the Rise in the Dark Web

New report finds that Android ransomware kits are on the rise in the dark web, with a median price being 20 times higher than the $10 median price of Windows ransomware kits.

8. Microsoft Issues Emergency Windows Security Update For A Critical Vulnerability

Are you using Windows operating system on your computer? You need to apply updates immediately, because there is a critical remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in its Malware Protection Engine (MPE) that could allow an attacker to take full control of a victim’s PC.

9. A Quarter of Phishing Attacks are Now Hosted on HTTPS Domains: Why?

According to Phish labs, in the third quarter of 2017, nearly a quarter of all phishing sites hosted on HTTPS domains were spotted, almost double the percentage compared to the second quarter.

10. Company With No Privacy Policy to Collect Brainwave Data on 1.2 Million Students

Data of 1.2 million students being handed over to the private company BrainCo. The company is using students’ data to create “the world’s biggest brainwave database.”

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